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Get off that couch: Presto Rapido XT


Little information is available online about this 58cm Presto Rapido XT on Marktplaats, but it still offers an interesting and affordable bike with Amsterdam heritage. Presto, longtime bicycle shop at the Haarlemmerstraat produced frames under its own name into the 90’s and according to the seller this Rapido XT is from 1989. 


Even though advertised as aluminium, the frame looks to be a Columbus CRMo Steel double butted frame and should weigh in at about 10kg per the seller.


Still attractive – looking to have been well-maintained or little-used – in classic orange-blue livery with blue tape on the drop bars and sporting a little hint to its Amsterdam heritage with the triple-X crest on the front tube.


The group set is a Shimano Dura-Ace with two speeds at the front and what looks like four gears in the back. Probably enough for your flat-country rides and bridges. Brakes and wheels didn’t get many photos. Wheels are box-style Mavics, brakes aren’t specified.


All-in-all a nice frame on offer for €400 with no current bids and available in Amsterdam. Little extras: two bottle holders and what looks like a trip computer.


More about Presto bicycles on this Dutch website: klassiekeracefiets.info


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